How To Tame Your Inner Critic


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Hi! I’m Rosalyn Fung,

I’m a Self-Love Coach for Women & Entrepreneurs and founder of Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc.

I am SUPER passionate about inspiring and empowering women in both personal development and/or business development so that they can connect deeper with themselves and their life from a soul-fueled place.

Having a background as a Psychologist for the last 10 years and holding a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate, I know what it takes to develop a mindset to successfully achieve your goals in life and business.I am also a Certified in Eating Psychology and the Hakomi Method, a mindfulness, transformative approach to shifting limiting blocks.I personally know that your overall relationship with yourself has a direct impact on the success of your life and business.

When you have a healthy and nourishing relationship with food and your body, self-care habits, and high self-worth, you create more balance and financial abundance in life and business.

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Now, if you’re human, you HAVE an inner critic…yes, you know…that inner voice that judges, criticizes, and sabotages your positive thoughts and path to your goals.

It can sound like:“You’re not doing enough.”“You don’t fit in with them.”“You are going to fail.”“You’re too fat to do/wear that.”“You might make the wrong decision.”“How can you leave that secure job?”

And here’s a diagram to show you how it’s actually just a part of your whole self: The trick is, we just don’t’ want it to drive the bus.


It usually comes up when we are going through big things our lives that require us to step outside our comfort zone, such as:

  • Pursuing a dream

  • Trying a new challenge

  • Making a change

  • Moving forward

Warning: Your Inner Critic can come across as very logical!!!
It’s trying to talk you out of you stepping outside of your comfort zone!

Think about a rocketship, which in this case represents you.

In order for a rocketship to pierce the force field (which represents the end of your comfort zone in this case), it a lot of powerful acceleration (which represents belief in yourself and your ability, in this case).

Your Inner Critic will be the very thing that will create FEAR in you so that it makes sure you don’t leave your comfort zone.

It wants to keep you playing small.Even though you may want change, it’s much more comfortable “or emotionally safe” to just stay in your comfort zone because it’s familiar.

To stretch and go outside of your comfort zone requires tremendous ability to tame your inner critic, so that your Inner Hero will lead the way.


There are seven different types of inner critics. This section will name them, inform you how it shows up (what it makes you do and say) and the purpose it’s trying to do for you. These 7 types were discovered by Jay Earley, PhD and Bonnie Weiss. LCSW.

1. The Perfectionist

What it tells you and what it makes you say, what it’s protecting you from:What it tells you:

You are never good enough; You don’t ever measure up to your high standards; Don’t be satisfied, Don’t be happy with your work; You can do more; Do not make mistakes; You’re a failure; Don’t stop to rest
What it makes you do:

Burn out, throw out work/life balance; Overachieve, People please, Strive for perfectionism, Have high expectations and standards for yourself and possibly others, Freeze because you become so paralyzed by overanalyzation and obsessed with making sure you get it right.

What it’s protecting you from:

Being judged and rejected by others.

2. The Controller

What it tells you: Control yourself (food, drinking, sex), You cannot lose control, Shame on you for eating that whole bag of chips/cookies; Where is your willpower?

You can’t pig out or you’re a bad person; What will people think of you if you do that?

What it makes you do:

Be very structured which can be to the point of rigidity and obsession; be very calculating and controlling (think about when you’re on a diet measuring and weighing your food to the point that you fear eating anything outside your diet, and when you do, it shames you);

May try to control others or the environment and makes you feel anxious when things do not go your way.

What it’s protecting you from:

From losing control and letting your impulses take over.

3. The Slave

What it tells you: Keep going, don’t stop and rest; Don’t relax; You have to be productive; you will fail if you don’t keep going.What it makes you do:

Be a workaholic, shames or guilts you for resting and relaxing, burn out and crash

What it’s protecting you from:


4. The Underminder

What it tells you: Who do you think you are? You are a nobody; You are not educated enough to do that; You are not capable of that.

What it makes you do:

Undermine your self confidence and self esteem so you won’t take risks to reach your goals, do that things you want to do, and/or be big and visible.

What it’s protecting you from:

Hurt and rejection, judgment and failure.

5. The Destroyer

What it tells you: You don’t belong here; Something is deeply wrong with you; Shame on your for even thinking of doing that; You don’t deserve respect; You’re a bad person.What it makes you do:

Makes you believe that you are inherently flawed and you’re not entitled to basic understanding or respect from others. It makes you question your right to exist.

What it’s protecting you from:

This inner critic is the most debilitating one, it usually gets created out of early childhood trauma where the child is made to feel unloved and unwanted.

6. The GuiltTripper

What it tells you: You deserve this bad thing because of what you did in the past; You deserve to be fat and miserable because you totally pigged out last night; You better not have sex because that will make you a slutWhat it makes you do:

Keeps reminding you of the mistakes you have made as punishment; Shames you for making those mistakes; makes you concerned about how others will see you by holding you to certain standard prescribed by your community, culture, religion or family.

What it’s protecting you from:

Making the same mistake(s) again.

7. The Conformist

What it tells you:
You need to be a certain somebody or behave a certain way so that you fit in; What will others think if you thought outside of the box? You will stand out in a bad way.What it makes you do:

Conform to the standards held by your family, culture and/or society, even if you do not agree with them deep down inside. Like the Guilt Tripper, also makes you concerned about how others will see you by holding you to certain standard prescribed by your community, culture, religion or family.What it’s protecting you from:

Abandonment, shame and rejection.


Your inner critic was born out of survival, so it’s been there to protect you and keep you physically and emotionally safe.

Your inner critic is a like a life jacket that you created when you were young, which locks in these beliefs about the world and how to think and behave. However, this same life jacket will most likely not fit now that you are no longer a young child.

It is a natural part of change and progression. Whenever you want to grow, you are stepping outside of your comfort zone.


The steps to taming and eventually mastering your Inner Critic:

Be aware of it and acknowledge it is here.

Understand it – now that you know there are 7 different types, understand which one(s) you have and how it shows up.

Write down the thoughts your Inner critic says in “You” statements. For example: “You are not enough”. Writing it down this way will allow you to separate it from who you are, outside of the Inner Critic, and confront it.

Challenge the Inner Critic’s thoughts and look for evidence against what it says to you. Often times, we see the world wearing the lens of our Inner critic and look for evidence to support what it says, and overlook proof against it. So take those glasses off, and look for ways that dispels what is says. You will surprise yourself pleasantly.

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