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Grab our Manifest More Money Digital Course and bonus it with my Sacred Money Meditations!This is a total value of $88.00!

Our Manifest More Money Course Teaches you:

  • A better understanding of what gets in your way of manifesting more money

  • A clearer path to having a sacred relationship with money so that you can confidently call in more money

  • How to communicate about money peacefully and intimately with yourself and your partner

  • The power of knowing your sacred money archetypes (and the ability to discover what yours is!)

The 6 Pillars

You will discover the 6 key pillars of building wealth and practical tips to apply right away


Access to my Manifest Money & Sacred Sales Meditation Album Infused with light language activations (Value: $44.00)

Client panel: Dropping wisdom bombs from their brilliance & sharing what it's like to be in Client Attraction Academy Community & Results Masterclass starts at 35 min in

Money Meditation Preview

MEDITATION #1: Sacred Sales

MEDITATION #2: Calling in Your Soulmate Clients

MEDITATION #3: Monetize on Your Calling

MEDITATION #4: Releasing Debt

MEDITATION #5: Safety & Healing Your Relationship with Money

MEDITATION #6: Illuminate the Path

Having an ABUNDANT Money Mindset is KEY to your WEALTH

Don’t wait, my loves! Take control of your Relationship with Money now!

That’s the power you have!

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